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Welcome To ‘My Self Development’ blog!

It has been proven that two things get us really excited. One, if we do something which adds value to our lives, for example, learning a new skill, a new language, a new subject,

And the other, if we do something which adds value to lives of others, for example, giving someone a ‘fish’, or better yet, show them how to ‘fish’.

The aim of this blog is to introduce positive and continuous improvement in various aspects of our lives, be they spiritual, mental, social or physical, and also develop a mindset of sharing the same with others, by becoming life coaches and mindset mentors!

Lets all try to live by the golden phrase ‘BENEFIT OTHERS’….. After all, whatever we do for ourselves finishes with ourselves, however, what we do for others, lasts forever!

Happy ‘Self Developing’


P.S. My intention is to share as much value as I can here for FREE on this website BLOG, as well as at my social media presence.

However, if you seek 1 on 1 Coaching, feel free to reach out to me in order to find out how I can help.

muhammad (at)

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