Top 10 Tips for a peaceful sleep at night

Sleep Management: How to optimize it, so our days can be better


Sleep is an essential part of our life. We spend almost one third of our day (7-8 hours out of 24) hours sleeping. Planning in advance and following a particular routine each night will not only improve the quality of our sleep but will also result in a more productive next day! It will give us an edge over others.

Improve your sleep

  1. Start preparing for sleep, half an hour before sleeping
  2. Use ‘early to bed and early to rise’ rule and sleep by 10 pm maximum
  3. Stop eating at least 1-2 hours before sleeping
  4. Brush teeth, wear clean and comfortable clothes, and apply light perfume, and if needed, take a warm bath, followed by a warm glass of milk, and take natural sleeping aid, as required. Children safe natural sleeping aid pills are also available for 4+ years old. For smooth breathing, try nasal decongestant. If you prefer a pill-free fast natural way of sleeping, check out this Dodow.
  5. Find a comfortable place with proper bedding, comfortable pillow, right temperature, and dim/dark setting – if needed, use a sleep mask
  6. Turn off all ‘back-lit screen’ devices such as mobile phones 30 minutes before sleeping.
  7. Monitor and find your optimum sleep patterns and amount using technical sleep aids
  8. Read any beneficial book (10 mins)
  9. Plan for next day and capture any positive ideas that come to mind, in a diary (5 mins)
  10. Pray to calm down, and get the body, mind, and soul, ready for sleep (10 mins) and Thank God for all the blessings and ask Him for more (5 mins)

What is important to remember is that just like other things in life, setting up a routine and making it a habit will take time. No matter how many times we fall off the track, we should not give up. With practice and consistency, routines can become second nature.

As part of self-development, wishing all a peaceful sleep!


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