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LIFE AS IT IS – Introduction

BENEFIT OTHERS: Live by it, leave by it!

It is my passion to add value to lives of the masses by advising them in the best way I can, not only is it beneficial for my emotional health, but it is also a source of reward from God Almighty, if done with the correct intention that is….

If I am not busy sharing knowledge, then I’m busy gaining knowledge from people who are experts in their respective fields, and are willing to share their expertise…

I had been blessed with various talking opportunities, both on-air, as well as off-air…. However, I’m thrilled to be part of ‘Life As It Is’ team and hit the Air waves more often, and on a regular basis…

May God Almighty accept this humble effort, and let masses benefit from what is rightly said in these episodes. Ameen!

You can catch a number of episodes of this show as well as other shows in the Radio section.

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