Life as it is Episode 12 Islamophobia – Causes and Cures

What is Islamophobia, what the reasons for it, and what can be done to address it. Join us for another episode of Life As It Is!

Below is the summary

Islam phobia – dislike of or prejudice against Islam or Muslims due to their faith / fear & hate !

Define: racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related forms of intolerance.

A minority demonizes a majority to pave the way to gain their objectives – – generally mass media is used, false flag events are staged, and while at times the bodies in authority might stay silence or condemn slightly these trends…. they are accomplice in this heinous crime….

Is it new?

Jews were demonized for years before this anti-Semitism resulted in the holocaust

communism was ‘character-assassinated’ before there was mass support for its demise – I’m not saying communism was right….

Japanese Americans in the United States went through forced relocation and incarceration during World War II of between 110,000 and 120,000 under McCarthyism

He was noted for making claims that there were large numbers of Communists and Soviet spies and sympathizers inside the United States federal government and elsewhere.

This time it is ISLAM…. Islamophobia is the new anti-Semitism (Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott )

Old fears, new threats…..

Islam or Arabs….

While Arabs are only ⅕ of the Islamic population (a lot of them are non-Muslims), Hollywood and the likes are hell bent on showing them as the ‘terrorists’….

Where is it?

Statistics indicate increasing incidence of assault and threat based on race and religion in the countries, which are classified as homes to democracy and human rights, without taking any effective and decisive measures to prevent such violations,

in wake ‘false flag’ incidents or incidents committed by a few ‘lunatics’… there is a sharp rise in these hate crimes – – reported as much as 8 to 221 / day in UK


Muslim population is increasing in EU and elsewhere…..

sizes of family – 3 million in France alone
high rate of reversion to Islam
due to immigration – highly educated ones as well as general population due to crisis created in their homelands
when central gov collapse, there is a vacuum and a minority fills these gaps… at times they try to enforce ‘extremist’ ideologies

we are not doing dawah…..

Ignorance: Sikhs were attacked in the wake of 911 – so were other minorities….


Clearly it is getting worse…..

they say…. they hate ‘our freedom’…. & a lot of Muslims say … they hate Islam!

they say … Muslims don’t integrate – and some as go as far as saying that even if they integrate, still Muslims should be doubted!

sadly both sides are depending on the MSM for answers

Anti-Islamic relays in some countries of EU

online abuse to hate crimes against Muslims and their places of worship/schools

verbal abuse in public & headscarves pulled off in public

Since 2010, Americans’ opinions of Arabs and Muslims have declined steadily, according to a poll released by the Arab American Institute on July 29:

2010, – Arab Americans and American Muslims. Favorable attitudes from 43% in 2010 to 32% in 2014 for Arabs; and from 35% in 2010 to 27% in 2014 for Muslims.

even though these are under-reported – for fear they won’t be taken seriously

Forms of Islamophobia:

cartoons for kids
video games for kids
cartoon for adults
movies for adults
news for us all

forums who put forth anti-Muslim rhetoric and actions like no mosques, no hijab, no halal food etc.

all this and more are hate speech and incites violence towards Muslims…..

Examples of Islamophobia….

-verbal abuse (in person / social media) / physical abuse (hurt / death) – – mena students in west have been targeted – – – there is little or NO monitoring of online hate speech
-threats & harm to places of worship (graffiti, arson, and even bacon being left outside/ petrol bombing)
-generalization of the whole community – questioning their patriotism – integration into mainstream – due to action of a very few
-demonizing the Muslims / insulting Islam (mostly lies or taking things out of context) under the disguise of ‘freedom of speech’….
opposition to

these spikes of hate crimes are high but short-lived & …. provide an opportunity for Dawah… as a result of which a lot of people revert to Islam….

How to address it?

-have more interfaith / intercultural dialogues online / offline
-share true faith of Islam – peace, love, harmony, tolerance
-remind them how things were a decade back, till Muslim lands were invaded
-highlight that still most Muslim lands are under occupation and oppression, still Islam is the fastest growing way of life

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